We would like to bring your attention to the changes in the game concerning adding allies. At present, you can invite your friends from Facebook into the game, add them as allies to get rewards! You can do so in the following ways:
1. Open the Friends bar (the Friends button with two people depicted in the bottom menu).
2. Press Add a friend (icon with a yellow "+" symbol). If you haven't logged into Facebook yet, you should log in to invite your friends.
3. Open the Invite Friends tab to see a list of your Facebook friends available for inviting. You can select the friends you would like to invite by selecting them, or invite all at once by tapping Invite now. To search for a certain friend, use the Find option. The amount of friends you should invite to get a reward is stated on the scale at the top of the tab.
Please, note that only the friends who are not authorized in the game yet are shown in this tab. To invite friends who are playing the game on the same platform, open the Become Allies tab (available if there are such friends to be shown).
You can check incoming and outgoing requests with the help of the relevant tabs (press the buttons on the left side of the menu). If your game isn't linked to your Facebook account, these tabs will be unavailable.
If you are logged into Facebook, you can also invite your friends from this social network to the game or add as allies directly from the Friends bar (the Friends button with two people in the bottom menu). At the top, you can see friends who have already become your allies in the game. Then come your Facebook friends' avatars displayed on the blue background, and those who play the game on a mobile device on the same platform are marked as "I'm playing". 15 playing friends are randomly chosen from your friend list (if there is no such number of them, non-playing are taken) and are added to the end of the list at this bar. To invite them to the game or to add as neighbours, press their avatars.