Before you start reading this article, we will make a header for you, which will sound like “Safe and Reasonable Behaviour”.

As in every community, gaming or not, we have a set of rules. The purpose of these rules is to make sure every player is on equal grounds. Those violating these rules might eventually lose their in-game accounts, as we value fair play and hope you do too.

Taking this into account, we wanted to share our views with you, so you can check with these guidelines anytime you feel like it.

Breaching any of the rules listed below in or our Terms of Use, will lead to penalties, including, but not limited to, revoked in-game currency, temporary suspension, and permanent account suspension.

*Please keep in mind that in rare cases, additional rules can be applied depending on the situation.
We do encourage you to stay in line with these rules, and we wish you a pleasant and enjoyable gaming experience!
Before we continue, we need to highlight the difference between hacks/cheats and third-party software.

Hacks and cheats are commonly referred to as applications that give any particular player an unfair advantage. Not only will they lead to your account being blocked, you also risk compromising your privacy and catching some malicious apps along the way.

Here is what we see as hacks and cheats:“Cheats” and “hacks”, as well as programs which modify account data with the intent of giving an unfair advantage in a way which is not allowed in the game at all.
“Pilots”, “bots”, or any automated scripts that play for you
Any other programs that give you an edge over other players (receive unearned goodies, speed boosts, and time manipulation)

Being the best player in the game is always great, but doing so at the cost of other players’ experience is not worth it. Not only do you deny yourself of this sense of achievement, we believe you wouldn’t want to compete with a person who has an upper hand, not because of his/her skill, but because of other such means. Respect others and play fair.
The penalty for breaching:Usage of cheats/hacks or any other software that provides a player with an “unnatural” advantage over other players, will eventually lead to permanent suspension of the account.

Third-party software does not always grant any in-game advantage at all. It might enhance your gaming experience in other ways. Or, instead, it might be some “unofficial” Game Insight application version from an unknown source. First of all, hackers might be trying to steal your personal data or your gaming account. Secondly, should the developer of such an app add some code violating our policies, your account might instantly get blocked. And last but not least, we cannot even guarantee this app will work correctly for you, and if you encounter any technical issues, we might be unable to help with them.

We do care about your security. That is why we hope you won’t take unnecessary risks. Stay safe!
The penalty for breaching:We do not suspend accounts for the very fact of having third-party software installed. Alhough, in case any particular application violates our policies, we’ll have to act accordingly.
We do understand that competition can be intense, and as in any sport or any aspect of life there might be banter/debates, but we encourage our players to stay in line. Always remember that there is another human being on the other side of the phone. Treat all of your fellow gamers as you want to be treated. Be respectful!

A little glimpse of the things we consider as abusive behavior:
  • Any kind of bullying
  • Sexual harassment
  • Hate speech
  • Racism
  • Discrimination of any kind
  • Threats

No one likes to feel such pressure in games. Please, respect other players, and report those who show such behaviour, either by using in-game means or directly to our player support agents. We will do our best to review all reports and take appropriate action.
The penalty for breaching this rule: Abusive behavior toward other players may lead to temporary or even permanent account restrictions.
Some strangers or websites will offer you a ton of currency for a low price. Do not believe them. Almost always these people will ask for your personal information (Google Play credentials, Apple ID, etc) in order to gain access to your account. They might fool you and give you nothing. Or they might even grant you currency you’ve paid for, but your credentials will still be compromised. And there’s a risk they’ll try to sell your account to other players.

THIS ONE IS VERY SERIOUS: As soon as you have given this information away, you have put yourself and your account at risk of being scammed, and have compromised your online security.

The penalty for breaching:Purchasing unauthorized currency from third party websites/strangers, can lead to the removal of the in-app currency, and even permanent restrictions to your account.
Selling, buying or even sharing accounts is a punishable offense. To put it simply, only the creator of the account should have access to it.

Why you shouldn’t be buying:You never know — the seller might have already sold this account to other players
You do not know what the status of the account is; it might already be permanently banned
There is no guarantee that the seller will give you valid account information after you pay, or even respond at all.
The seller might try to keep control of their account
Sold accounts will never be as secure as before. We cannot provide support to compromised accounts
However, if you fell for the trap and decided to put money on the account, it is still in the danger zone, where it can be permanently banned for violating our Terms of Use

Why you shouldn’t be selling:The buyer might ask you to “check” this account. And who knows exactly what this player will do. Stealing an account. Spending all your currency on something you don’t need. Making your account become banned.
We do our best to prevent any kind of account sharing, so your account might get suspended before you manage to sell it.
Another person might just try to phish your payment credentials or lure you to some kind of fake “payment service” site.

Why you shouldn’t be sharing:Whatever happens to your account is your responsibility. This means, any kind of Game Insight policy violation on your account is your fault. Even if it happened just once. Even if it wasn’t you. Even if you didn’t know this would happen.

Once again: your account should never be accessed by other people. Not even by your closest friends or relatives. If you feel your account has been compromised, you can reach out to our player support team, and we’ll help you with securing it.

The penalty for breaching:
We cannot provide security for accounts that were passed to other players. We reserve the right to permanently ban accounts that were shared between players. We also reserve the right to permanently ban accounts of players who have attempted to share account data and/or sell it.
We value players’ ability to name themselves as they please. Nicknames are a unique mechanic that gives a player the opportunity to show off their personality and/or what he or she is passionate about. But there is a line, which we do not want you to cross. Same goes for clan names and clan tags.

No nicknames/clan names/clan tags are allowed that might be perceived as:
  • Offensive
  • Racist
  • Including profane language (in any form)
  • Discriminatory in any way
  • Bullying and/or Harassment
  • Sexually suggestive

Remember, what you find funny might not always be perceived as appropriate by other players. Respect them, and feel no shame for your nickname.
The penalty for breaching:We reserve the right to change the nickname of the player / clan name / clan tag if it is not in accordance with our Code of Conduct.
Above, you can read the main things we consider as a breach of our Code of Conduct and are worthy of a penalty.
Though, that’s not all of them; please read below about other unacceptable behaviour:
  • Asking for, or providing personal contact information
  • Game Insight employee impersonation
  • Attempts to phish other players' accounts
  • Payment refund abuse
  • Using a bug for an unfair advantage, instead of reporting it to developers
  • Messing with Matchmaking
  • Match fixing
  • Encouraging other players to break the rules
We are constantly improving our automatic systems and manual processes to make sure no violations remain unpunished. It is an ongoing process and will never be perfected by anybody, but we want to assure you that we are striving for this. This set of rules is for everyone who plays our games and should be respected by every player.

Every player agrees to follow this set of rules before starting to play any of our games.

This set of rules applies across all Game Insight games.

If you by any means feel that you received unjust punishment, please do not hesitate to contact the Player Support Team and we will review your case.