The Tribez app supports the function of removing all of your in-game data via dedicated option in the game settings.
If you would like to remove all existing data from the game, please follow the guide below.
Please note: data removal is permanent and cannot be reverted. Your account, in-game progress and payments will be removed in their entirety and it will be impossible to restore them in the future. Also, your device has to be connected to the stable internet. 
  1. Open the game and go to Settings-Profile
  2. In the Profile tab you will see Delete button that will initiate data deletion once you press it
  3. Data deletion will take 15 days. Once you confirm your choice, the game will be closed automatically
  4. If you change your mind and log into the game during 15 days needed for performing data deletion, you will see an alert window where you can choose to either cancel or continue data removal. Please note: you will not be able to play the game while deletion is in process
  5. After 15 days all of your data will be deleted permanently. If you would like to start a new game, please reinstall the app from the App Store and you will be able to play from the very beginning upon logging in