To view your purchase history, you need to do the following.

1. Open Settings
2. Select a username (email address) and an account.
3. Scroll to your purchase history and click View All.

Windows Store:
1. Sign in to your Microsoft account at
2. Select Payment & Billing
3. Select Purchase History

1. Go to and then to the desired Google account.
2. Select Transactions to view your Play Store order history.
3. Select the desired item to view the invoice.

1. Go to the purchase history reports in your account.
2. Select the report type from the drop-down menu, enter the start and end dates and the name of the report.
3. Click Request Report.
4. When the report is complete, you will receive an email notification.

Open the mailbox of the e-mail that you’ve entered when you’ve paid for your purchase
Type “Xsolla” in the search bar
Select an e-mail from Xsolla with the details of your desired purchase.

Galaxy Store
Open the Galaxy Store ·
Click on the menu button with the 3 lines in bottom right ·
Click on Receipts.