Once you’ll restore any of the Garden Decorations, you will be able to produce chests in exchange for a small amount of energy. You can claim one chest per day (24 hours).

You can find those Garden Decorations on the “Dream Garden” island:
  • Runnie’s Greenhouse,
  • Pretty Fountain,
  • Rexie Statue
  • Summer Lodge
Garden Decorations and rewards that you can receive from them can be improved by using objects from the same line as the Garden Decoration. For example, you can use flowers and bouquets to improve your Runnie’s Greenhouse level.

All you need to do is to drag the object from your game field to the Garden Decoration. The object will be consumed, you will receive upgrade points for your Garden Decoration as well as some amount of Gardener’s Experience and Gold Coins.

Keep in mind that the better the object that you’ll use - the better the reward that you will receive!

You can always check what  objects you can use to upgrade your Garden Decorations from the “Collections” menu.