In addition to the Adventures on Treasure Islands, which are constantly available to you, a path to other Adventures will open from time to time. These temporary levels are only available for a few days and give you unique rewards. Below we will tell you how Temporary Adventures differ from permanent ones:

  • Time to complete Temporary Adventures is limited. If you do not complete these before time runs out, the road may be closed forever!
  • Temporary Adventures and Treasure Islands use the same Energy supply. It’s up to you which Adventure to spend it on.
  • Temporary Adventures often take place in their own unique locations. The resources you use there may differ from those you are used to.
  • The keys needed to complete a Temporary Adventure may also differ from the usual ones. You can find them in various removable objects depending on the specific Adventure.
  • In Temporary Adventures, there can be a different number of zones (like Islands in the main Adventure). Maybe you’ll need to travel in only one vast location, but there also may be several locations for you to explore.
  • When you complete each Temporary Adventure, you’ll receive a unique and worthy reward!

Use your Energy wisely, think well before you open a new path, and do not be afraid of anything. Onward to Adventures, wise and brave Chiefs!