Greetings, Chiefs! It's time to embark on a new adventure. Explore uncharted islands step by step, in search of treasures and secrets. Read more and learn what to expect from this exciting new way of playing The Tribez!

A boat next to the Bathyscaphe will take you to the islands, where adventures await you. If a “map” icon appears above it, then you can use it. If there is no such icon, you may first need to advance a little further through the main storyline.

Also, a button in the lower right corner of your screen will open the navigation bar. You can use it as well to go on adventures. Listen to Aurora and Dzu — they will tell you exactly how to explore the islands.

Your goal is to explore the islands on the map, one by one. Explore each one thoroughly before moving on to the next island! The island you abandoned will become inaccessible after 24 hours, as well as all which is on it. To return from the mysterious islands back to your home village, click on the button with the map, then on the button with the building in the lower right corner.

You’ll have to clear your way on the islands. To do this, you need to remove various obstacles. You can clear out most of the objects, such as thickets or stones, by spending Energy on it. If you click on such an object, the amount of Energy required to remove the obstacle will be displayed above it. You can also use bombs to clear space within a certain radius. For the elimination of an object, you will receive resources and items that will fall into your inventory. To open the inventory, click on the button with the backpack in the lower left corner of the screen.

There are many different resources. Some can be used to prepare food that restores Energy, and others will help you restore destroyed bridges and structures. If you have enough resources to restore an object, you will see a green check mark above it. Also in the inventory, you’ll find keys to the locked gate as well as to chests with generous rewards. Note that if you do not have enough resources, you can click on the "Find" button under the item in your inventory; after that, you’ll see the nearest place where you can find the required resource. Some of the resources, mainly those used to restore destroyed buildings, cannot be transferred between the islands. Unique items, keys, coins and tubes, will stay with you even when you move to the next island.

On the left side of the screen, you will see a quest book familiar to you from the main game. Here you will find the quests you need to complete during your adventures.

Energy is your main resource in the adventures. It is restored in several ways:
  • Energy is restored over time (1 point per minute).
  • You can replenish energy with the Fruit Bowl: From time to time, you’ll come across such bowls on your way. You don't need Energy to use the bowl.
  • In buildings such as the Camp, you can prepare energy-replenishing food from the fruits, honey and roots you find. To do this, you first need to restore the Сamp.
  • Sometimes you will be given the opportunity to replenish Energy by watching a short ad. You’ll see such offers on the right side of the screen.
  • You can buy Energy by clicking on the "+" button next to the Energy bar.

On your way you may come across chests. You can unlock these with special keys that can be found by dismantling large stone ruins. Clearing these out is often not so easy, it takes more than 100 Energy points. Don't worry, though: Use the Energy you have — you will need less points later to clear out the same object. Come back with renewed vigor and the obstacle will not stand. Inside the chests you will find many useful resources, including Gems!

Additionally, in the chests you can find tubes left by the Athlanteans themselves! Using the tubes, you can construct special buildings: Look for them in the Buildings menu.

On some islands there will be buildings for your own island. After these are restored, you can pick them up and use them to decorate your village.

Completing the exploration of all seven currently available islands will also bring you a worthy reward.

Adventure awaits, brave Chiefs! You need only to make your first step on the road.