Below, you'll find the list of the most important known issues we're working on. If you didn't find a bug on this list that you personally encountered, please submit a report to Tech Support. We revise all incoming reports and set priorities for each reported issue.

  • Some players may experience a problem logging into the game and receive an error about the lack of an Internet connection
  • On some Android devices, you cannot set FPS above 60, despite the technical capabilities
  • Some users may see a toggle switch in the settings that enables haptic feedback on devices that do not support it
  • "Request error" message may appear if you collect all the gifts in the in-game mail
  • The “Fair” button in the Collection window appears inactive for weapons you haven’t finished assembleing. Tap one of the assembled weapons, and the “Fair” button will become active
Check out our patch notes to learn about all the latest fixes!