It’s a system of advancing in the game that rewards battle mastery and shows how skilled you are.

What kinds of leagues are there?
There are 3 leagues: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each of them (except for Platinum) has steps: Silver has 3 steps, Gold has 5 steps. Each time you advance to a new league, you get an insignia, every time you reach a new step, you get a case of rewards that include fragments of rare event weapons. The higher the league, the better the reward.

*Note: Keep in mind that Silver and Gold rewards are received instantly once you reach a new step or a new league, whereas Platinum rewards are only given out once the league is reset.

Silver League
The first league, where all the new players start. Everyone begins at step 1 and climbs towards step 3. There are no penalties for losing games, you even get some rating points.

Gold League
The league for advanced players. Players move from step 1 to step 5. The rewards for reaching new steps are better. Lost games do not give any rating points, but there are no penalties for losing.

Platinum League
The most hardcore league: every defeat in battle causes players to lose rating points, so the battles are truly heated. Instead of steps, this league has certain thresholds – Top-50%, 25%, 10%, Top-500 players.
This league has a unique reset mechanic. Every 2 weeks the ratings in all the Platinum league are reset to 30,000 rating points – the beginning of Platinum league (you cannot roll back to Gold once you enter Platinum). The players receive the rewards appropriate to their position in the ratings, and the Top-500 players are placed in the Hall of Fame.

This is an unbelievably cool list to be a part of. If you’ve made it, it means you’re one of the meanest and most dangerous gunslingers out there. All players who’re in the Top-500 at the moment the league resets, get a place in the Hall of Fame. You also get a badge in your profile if you’re one of the Top-500 players before the reset.