Do you want to challenge your opponent to a duel? Measure your strength with other clans? Then you’ve come to the right place, Gunslinger! In a Private Match, you can create a personal lobby for 8 people, and choose the map and mode for battle. In order to start the battle, there must be at least one player from each team in the lobby.

In update 4.6 we’ve merged Private Match and Pro Play. You can still create a Private Match (players can turn-off Pro Play Mode in the settings if they want to). Pro Play is on by default
To create a Private Match go to Main Lobby > Press the button near “Battle (with three lines) > Choose Pro Play.

Who can I invite to a Private Match and how do I do it?
For a Private Match, you can invite your in-game friends, friends from social media, your clanmates, or nearby players.

No questions about the friends or clanmates, but who are nearby players?
These are players who share the same network with you (connected to the same Wi-Fi network). In order to find players nearby, connect your Google Play and turn on Bluetooth on your device. The same should be done by the person you are inviting.

How do I create a Private Match?
Tap the button next to the Battle button and select Pro Play in the menu that appears.
*Note: If you want a Private Match with regular rules (not Pro Play) do not forget to turn Pro Play mode off in the settings.

How do I invite other players to a Private Match?
To invite a player to a Private Match, you need to tap the Invite button, select the player you want to invite from the list that appears, and tap Invite again next to their name.
1. If the player for some reason has not yet accepted your invitation, a spinner will appear next to their name instead of the Invite button
2. If the player accepts your invitation, a green marker will appear next to their name instead of the Invite button.

You invited players to a Private Match, but you want to move one of the players to the opposing team. How?
You need to select a player and tap the Change Team button in the context menu that appears. After that, the player will be moved to the other team. In the context menu, you can also:
1. View a player's profile
2. Move a player to the opposing team
3. Make them the leader (when you pass the title of the leader to another player, you lose all the rights of the leader as well as control over the lobby)
4. Remove a player from the Private Match

Everyone was invited, the teams are set, now what?
In the upper right corner of the lobby, you can select the map and the mode. Choose the combo you like and soldier on!

Keep in mind that:
- there are no rewards (experience or gunbucks) at the end of a battle in Private Matches
- cups are not taken away or awarded in Private Matches, regardless of whether you won the battle or lost it
- Private Matches do not affect your overall game statistics.