Payload is a team-based game mode focused on escorting an object.
Number of players: 4 vs. 4
Time limit: 5 minutes

Players are divided into 2 teams: a team of attackers, and one of defenders.
The defenders’ objective is to stop the attackers from pushing the payload to its final destination.
The attackers’ objective is to deliver the payload to the final destination by pushing it.
If there are players of both teams in the payload’s radius, the payload will not move in either direction.

Main objectives of the attackers:
- To advance the payload along the way, by making sure there are no enemy players lurking in its radius.
- The payload won’t move forward if there’s an enemy in its radius. As soon as the enemy leaves the radius (or dies), the payload will be able to move forward.
- The more players from your team that are in the playload’s radius, the faster it advances.

Main objectives of the defenders:
- You need to stop the payload before it reaches the final destination. To do this, kill enemies that are near the payload, or just don’t let them get too close to it, so they can’t push it. Also, the payload will stop if at least one of your teammates is standing in its radius.
- If there are no attackers in the payload’s radius, the defenders can approach it and start pushing it back. The cart will stop rolling back once an attacking player gets in its radius.