King of the Hill is a team-based mode with an area control objective.
Number of players: 4 vs. 4
Time limit: 5 minutes

Teams need to score points in order to win. The team that gets the most points in 5 minutes is considered the winner. Also, if one of the teams scores 1000 points, it is instantly declared as the winner, and the remaining time is discarded.

In this mode, teams score points by killing enemy players, as well as capturing and retaining control over one point.

Features of King of the Hill:

- Each map in this mode has 1 central point that can be captured.
- The point has three states:

1. Grey icon—the point has not been completely captured by any team is not controlled at the moment
2. Blue icon—the point has been captured by your team
3. Red icon—the point has been captured by the enemy team

- If your enemies have captured the point, and you’re taking it back, the point will first turn from red to grey, and only then will it turn blue.
- The captured point (blue) generates points for your team every second.
- If an enemy team has turned your blue point into a grey one, it stops generating points.
- As soon as a grey point becomes blue, you start receiving points.
- The point is considered captured when the progress bar at the top is filled.
- Your team won’t be able to capture the point if an enemy is on it. As soon as the enemy is off the point, you’ll be able to capture it.
- Points for staying in control of the point are added to your team’s score. Individual players get points only for captures and defenses (if a player takes part in capturing the point or defeats an enemy trying to seize control of his team’s point).

*Differences between King of the Hill and Control Points:
- King of the Hill has one point instead of three
- In King of the Hill, the point gets captured faster
- In King of the Hill, more points are awarded for staying in control of the point