General changes

In this version, we introduce the long-planned changes to assault rifles which we’ve recently tested on PTS. Here they are:

- Movement speed with all Assault Rifles has been slightly increased both in aimed and non-aimed mode. The 5 fastest-firing assault rifles received an additional increase in movement speed - these are the Wasp, Survivor, Warmonger, the Dragonfire, and Scattershot.
- Assault Rifles now deal the same amount of damage at any range. The arsenal no longer displays assault rifle perks that changed damage depending on the distance.

Developer comment

For many assault rifles, competition with other weapon types was tough. At medium range, which they are designed for, some ARs began to lose effectiveness, while others were no better than a pistol at close range. The difference between assault rifles and machine guns will be not only in a shorter combat distance, but also in higher mobility and convenience - for example, ARs reload noticeably faster than machine guns.
Balance changes based on PTS results

Wasp: Increased bullet spreading

Developer comment

On PTS, many players noticed that Wasp became too effective. Therefore, we slightly nerfed the version that was used during the test. However, you will still feel the changes. We will continue to monitor this gun and make additional changes as needed.


- Improved aiming animations, polished visuals for turning and moving with most Machine Guns.
- Fixed firing animations in aimed mode for some Assault Rifles – the weapons no longer dive down from recoil like they used to. The change affected the following guns: Scattershot, Destroyer, Cyclops, Odin, Warmonger, and Dragonfire
- Improved aiming animations for Guillotine, Mamba, Vampire, Firefly, Lifestealer
The overall speed of movement from side to side, backwards and when shooting from the hip has become higher. The running speed remained the same (but due to changes in assault rifles, the speed of running with them will be higher than before)

Developer comment

One of the most important characteristics in the game is the speed of movement. In fact, the speed of movement from side to side, backwards and when shooting from the hip is the same character movement stat. By raising it, we are also raising the pace of combat.


Now, the bullets tend to hit the center of the sight, and their dispersion depends more on the recoil of the gun than on its accuracy.

Developer comment

This is true for weapons that have a significant spread, in particular when firing from the hip. Previously, the distribution of fire was uniform, and the chance of a shot hitting the edge of the aiming circle was equal to the chances of hitting the center. Now the shot will fly to the center of the sight more often.