Machine Guns
Recommended distance: mid-range
Specifics: lots of ammunition, unique firing mechanics

If you’re carrying a machine gun, you’re moving slower than with any other weapon.

When you wield a machine gun, your crosshair notches are very far apart, and scattering is very high. To reduce scattering, shoot in long bursts. The longer your burst is, the more accurate your shots are, and the more damage you deal.

Automatic Rifles
Recommended distance: mid-range
Specifics: high accuracy and precision

Automatic rifles are perfect for fighters with high accuracy, because their scattering is very low. If you can aim at heads, get an automatic rifle, and
start dealing crazy damage!

Recommended distance: close-range
Specifics: each shot fires 3-4 pellets

If you like being in the center of the action, this is your choice! The closer you are to the enemy, the more damage you deal. If all the pellets hit your target, the opponent will have slim chances of survival. However, as soon as you move away from the target, your shotgun’s effectiveness drops drastically

Recommended distance: point blank
Specifics: no reload, no need for ammo

Using your knife will interrupt your gunfire. Use it wisely! If the enemy’s very close to you, literally in your face, then you should take out your stainless friend, and show them why it’s called a trophy knife!
Recommended distance: close-range
Specifics: can help if your main gun’s magazine is empty

How do you take out a pistol? When your main weapon’s mag runs out of ammo and you start reloading, simply point the crosshair at an enemy. You will take out your pistol and start shooting. When the pistol runs out of bullets, you’ll switch back to your main weapon and finish the reload.

Sniper Rifles
Recommended distance: long-range
Specifics: you can only shoot when the red circle around your crosshair is full

To fill the circle, you need to keep your crosshair on an enemy. All sniper rifles have a scope sight that gives x2 zoom or better, and that’s a big help if you’re sniping from a distance. Aim well, keep your breathing steady, and… BOOM, headshot!