This is a new type of reward that is only available in the Battle Career marathon. With the help of U-fragments, you can improve existing fragment guns and equipment.

U-fragments can only be obtained in the Battle Career Rewards Marathon, these cannot be stored in the Arsenal. When you click on the “Claim” button to receive the marathon rewards, you will be immediately prompted to convert the U-fragments into gun or equipment fragments.

Each type of weapon and equipment has its own U-fragments. There are U-fragments for assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, pants, vests, and helmets.

U-fragments can be converted into weapon fragments 1:1, or, if all available equipment is already upgraded to maximum level, they are converted into Battle Coins.

How do U-fragments work?
After you have received the rank of the Battle Career with the U-fragments reward, click on the "Claim" button.

After that, a window for converting U-fragments will open. In this window, you will see all the fragment guns / equipment for which you have at least one fragment in your Arsenal.

You can use U-fragments to improve weapons and equipment, or convert these into Battle Coins, by choosing the best upgraded gun.

What do I do if all my weapons are upgraded to maximum?
In this case, Universal fragments will be converted into battle tokens at a special rate.

How do I choose a weapon that can be upgraded with U-fragments?
You need to choose a weapon that can be upgraded for fragments, NOT for gunbucks and NOT for gold. In the conversion window you will see items from which you have at least one fragment in your arsenal.

At what rate are U-fragments converted into weapon fragments?
The rate is 1:1 — one U-fragment for one weapon fragment.

Can I upgrade knives and pistols with U-fragments?
No. So far, we have decided to add U-fragments only for the main categories of weapons and equipment. Perhaps in the future we will introduce U-fragments for knives and pistols as well.

How do I know how many U-fragments I have?
You can see it only in the Battle Career Rewards Marathon. U-fragments cannot be stored in the Arsenal.

OK, what will happen to U-fragments that I will NOT claim from the Battle Career Rewards Marathon?
At the end of the season, these are automatically converted into Battle Coins for the next season at a special rate.

If I want to buy additional season content when the season is complete, what will happen to the U-fragments?
You can use U-fragments as usual as long as the window with the additional purchase of the season content is available. If the window is no longer available, all unused U-fragments will be converted to Battle Coins for the next season at a special rate.