This is the cap of Battle Career experience that you gain in battles of any type. Gaining experience in battle, you spend this cap.

For example, you earned 200 Battle Career points in a usual battle. You have a standard cap of 1000 Battle Career points. The 200 that you received in battle is deducted from 1000 points: now your cap is already 800 points.

You can fight 4 more battles gaining Battle Career experience, but when the pool reaches 0, you will no longer receive Battle Career experience in any battles.
The cap is replenished in its own way. Every 2 hours, 333 Battle Career points are restored. It will take 6 hours for the cap of 1000 points to be fully restored.

The cap can also be increased. You can purchase a Season Pass, and then your cap will be increased to 2,000 Battle Career points, but it will now take 12 hours to be fully restored.

You don't have to wait until the cap is fully replenished to gain Battle Career experience in battles. You can wait until part of it is restored, and then go into battle.
If you want to get more Battle Career experience in battles without spending the cap, you’ll need Battle Career experience BONUSES. They do not spend the cap, but at the same time double the amount of experience gained.
E.g. you have a cap of 1,000 points and 6,000 Battle Career experience bonuses.
You get 200 points for the battle. From the cap of 1000 POINTS we subtract 200 POINTS, now your cap is 800 POINTS.

Bonuses double the experience gained: you get 200 POINTS with bonuses. Subtract ONLY 200 POINTS from the number of Battle Career experience bonuses, and you have 6000 - 200 = 5800 bonuses left.
Thus, for a battle you will receive 200 POINTS + 200 POINTS = 400 POINTS for your Battle Career. After the battle, your cap becomes 800 POINTS, and you have 5800 bonuses left.

Don't forget that Battle Career experience is gained not only in battles, but also in quests! There are now many more daily quests (750 POINTS), and also in the Battle Career missions.
We recently added a new stage with 9 missions, 4 of which do not require the purchase of a Season Pass. We give experience in a Battle Career for free, 500 POINTS every 12 hours; in other words, twice a day. You just have to come and claim these in the Rewards Marathon!
But even here, you can still get MORE free Battle Career experience. After purchasing the Season Pass, the timer is reduced by half: Now you can get free experience every 6 hours, that is, 4 times a day!

Sometimes we give out Battle Career experience at a Trophy Fair, during giveaways on our social networks and in some events, for example, at the championship.