Battle Fair now replaces Battle Cases.
This mechanic will allow you to gain any of the 16 (!) items during the season, including not only your favorite guns, but also top equipment!
The Fair mechanics come from significant game events, but this time the content is especially focused on Battle Career.
Now you can achieve the highest rank of your Battle Career much faster, as by spinning the wheel, you'll be getting not only fragments of your favorite gun, but also Battle Career experience and specialization, along with equipment chests.

What is the Battle Fair?
The Battle Fair event is a shop with weapon fragments, specialization cases, and equipment cases, which appears in the game every now and then. Here you may receive a valuable reward for Battle Coins as well as get guaranteed prizes.
* Note: You can gain Battle Coins for participating in regular battles (Team Deathmatch, Control Points, King of the Hill) during the Battle Fair event. You will not get Battle Coins in Private Matches, nor in ProPlay, and Free For All modes.

What level is the Battle Fair available from?
Battle Fair is available to all players level 5+.

Where do I get Battle Coins?
There are several ways to gain Battle Coins:
- Fight in classic battles and brawls — the better you play, the more you earn.
- Complete challenges.
- Get new ranks in Battle Career.
- Send your drones for currency.
- Finally, you can purchase Battle Coins at the bank.

What determines the number of Battle Coins I get in battle?
The number of Battle Coins depends on your combat skills and efficiency: the better you play and the higher place you get at the end of the battle, the more Battle Coins you will receive!
* Note. You can triple the number of Battle Coins you receive in battle by purchasing Bonus Battle Coins.

How do Bonus Battle Coins work?
You can get additional Coins for bonuses. That’s how it works: You get all Battle Coins you earned in battle plus double bonus rewards (if you have enough of these).
Example: You have earned 10 Battle Coins in battle, and you also have 30 Bonus Battle Coins on your account. That means you'll receive 10 + 20 (10x2) Coins, and you will have ten more bonuses for the future.
Don't worry if you couldn't use all the bonuses at once — these won't disappear and will be used in subsequent battles while you still have bonuses remaining.

How long does the Battle Fair event last?
In the lobby you can see the timer on the event icon. It shows the time remaining until the end of the event.

If I do not have time to collect weapons/equipment before the end of the Battle Fair event, what will happen to the fragments?
Don't worry all the collected fragments will remain with you, and you will be able to collect them during the next big events or the next Battle Fair.

What happens to the Battle Coins that I didn’t spend during the Battle Fair event?
When the Battle fair ends, all the unused Battle Coins will be converted into equipment and specialization cases.

What happens to the Bonus Battle Coins that I didn’t spend during the Battle Fair event?
At the end of the season, all the Bonus Battle Coins will expire, so be sure to spend them all.

Can I choose any item I want?
Not really. Only one item will be available for free for the next 24 hours at the Fair. If you don't like the item, you can exchange it for another one with Battle Coins.
* If you come across an item that is not yet available for your level, you can still get it, but will not be able to equip it.

Can I choose a different item after spinning the Battle Fair wheel?
Yes, you can start over at any time and try to get the required weapon/equipment at the Fair. To do this, you must click on the Reset button under the item card that you want to change on the main tab of the Fair. Here you can choose a new weapon or equipment and make an exchange for battle Coins.

The Fair was reset before I managed to collect the guaranteed fragments. Can I get them back?
Regrettably, no. The Battle Fair has a timer until the event's reset, and we are informing players about this mechanic. The guaranteed fragments must be picked up by the player manually.

It seems that my reward from the Battle Fair disappeared. What should I do?
Please contact our Support. Probably, you didn’t see the reward window. Our experts will check it and, if it’s our issue, we’ll return the reward to you.

How many active Fairs can I have at once?
Only one. If you want to get another item, you need to reset the fair for Battle Coins or wait for the daily reset.

How often is the Battle Fair reset?
The Fair is reset once a day; yet you can renew it instantly for battle Coins. In this case, you don't need to wait for the Fair to reset.

What am I to do if I already have all the items presented at the Battle Fair?
If all your Fair items are at the maximum level, you will receive Battle Coins instead, at a one-to-one rate.
Anyway, you can continue to spin the wheel, because this way, you will gain Battle Career experience, which means cool accessories appropriate to your level.

How long will one Battle Fair last?
Each Battle Fair is 18 days long; a two-day break will follow.

What am I to do when I use all the spins of the wheel?
You can reset the Fair for Battle Coins or wait for free daily renewal.