The only way someone can steal your Guns of Boom profile is by gaining access to your Game Center account. This is a short list of recommendation to keep your progress safe:

- Never tell anyone your Game Center password. The Game Insight support team will never ask you for your Game Center password.
- Try not to log in to your Game Center account on other people’s devices. If you must, make sure to log out after you’ve finished working.
- Gold and gunbucks can only be purchased through the game store, or by using Apple App Store gift cards. Don’t trust third-party websites that offer to sell in-game currency.
- Websites that offer free gold or in-game items are potential threats to your game account. Don’t click on links posted on such sites and never use your Game Center account information on them.
- Don’t buy game accounts. This violates the user agreement and is a waste of time; the original owner of the account will most likely be able to return it through Apple’s tech support.

If you’ve already lost access to your account, please contact us and follow the instructions of our specialists'.