In Act 2 Season 10, you will become real rock stars and reach the very top of the music business!

Set out on a world tour and play the music originating in the heart. No more commercial chewing gum, no more secondary creativity dictated by the corporate managers - it’s time to let the artist's spirit genuinely shine. It’s time for a music revolution! Take part in the season activities, and get amazing rewards including sweet cosmetics.

The season starts on May 18 and ends on July 18, lasting a total of 61 days.

Playing in the season will bring you Battle Career rewards: gear, weapon fragments, and new unique cosmetics. The more you play, the more you get!
Season Brawls

Weekends are pretty great, but once you add a pinch of Guns of Boom action to them - they become fantastic! This season, we’ve prepared a whole 9 brawls for you, including a completely new one. Play hard, and get rewards. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed from the get-go: brawls do not affect your stats, so you can try and practice all you want.

Remember: every time you purchase a brawl contract, you get the brawl’s background that’ll stay with you until the beginning of the next brawl.

The main reward for completing all brawl challenges: 6000 Bonus Tokens for Battle Career experience.

Important: Brawls now give you level experience, so you will gain levels even if you don’t play any Classic Battles.
Battle Fair Calendar

Battle Fairs are special activities for gunslingers level 5+. There’s a total of 3 Battle Fairs in each season, with short breaks in between them.

Each Battle Fair features 8 different items, including weapons and equipment. Once every 24 hours, you can change the item you wish to spend your Battle Coins on.

First Battle Fair: May 19 – June 6

List of items:
ODIN – Assault Rifle
BEAR TRAP – Shotgun
STINGRAY – Sniper Rifle
MATADOR – Machine Gun
SURVIVOR – Assault Rifle
ZERO – Vest
WOMBAT – Pants

Second Battle Fair: June 9 – June 27
List of items:
FIREFLY – Assault Rifle
ORION – Shotgun
OROCHI – Sniper Rifle
IFRIT – Vest
E.Y.E. – Helmet
THUNDER – Shotgun

That’s that - now you’re ready to put on a world-class show and make music history! Make a soundcheck. tune your weapons for victory, and start the battle!