Can I participate in seasonal events if I don't have a Season Pass?
Sure! All players can participate in seasonal events without exception. A Season Pass only increases the number of rewards you get during these events.

Does the Season Pass apply to events like Halloween, New Year, Lunar Festival and others?
The benefits of a Season Pass apply only to weekend brawls and your Battle Career. However, if a major event (Halloween, New Year, etc.) happens during the season you bought a pass for, you will also receive twice as much Battle Carrer experience for the battles.

What events will be held this season?
This season you can look forward to many exciting events with great rewards!
- Six diverse and furious weekend brawls. From time to time it’s useful to take a break from the tedious regular battles and have fun in a friendly brawl!
- A Battle Career with many awards: Battle Coins, gold and different kinds of customization.
- Two types of Battle Fair.

I purchased a Season Pass last season, will it be active during other Seasons?
The Season Pass bonuses are valid only during the season they were purchased in.
I bought a Season Pass after I already missed one brawl.
It's okay, you'll get contracts for all the brawls that will be happening AFTER you purchase a Season Pass**.

**Note. The validity of the Season Pass applies only to the brawls for the season this pass was purchased.

I activated the Season Pass. Do I need to do anything to get the bonuses?
As you already know, the Season Pass gives players the right to receive additional rewards. However, to make the best of your purchase, you need to play, complete challenges and quests and earn victories.

A Season Pass gives access to weekend brawl contracts. How does it work?
After you activate the Season Pass, you automatically get access to each brawl's contract. The Season Pass guarantees you bigger rewards.
Please note: the Season Pass only gives access to the first brawl contract! If you want to reroll the brawl contract, you will have to pay an additional 250 gold.