A Season Pass gives you the opportunity to earn more additional rewards.

Once your coveted Season Pass is obtained, you will unlock unique benefits:
- Contracts for 6 weekend brawls
- Elite Battle Career contract with an elite reward
- You’ll be able to claim 500 Battle Career experience points more often: 4 times a day instead of 2
- Drone shipments will be accelerated by 25%
- The daily Battle Career XP cap will be increased by 100%
- Interstitials will be disabled
But that's not all! When you purchase the Gold Season Pass, you will receive the coolest exclusive ANIMATED GOLDEN NICK in the game and the Seasonal BRAWL BACKDROP for purchased Brawl contracts!
These will be displayed everywhere: in your profile, in the leagues and in the battle results statistics.

* Note: You must make an in-app purchase to get the Season Pass.
* Note: All benefits of the Gold Season Pass, including the animated Gold Nickname, are valid for one season (40 days). All awards received in the Rewards Marathon will stay with you forever.