What is a Battle Career?
Battle Career is your chance to gain access to exclusive challenges and in-game rewards. Battle Career is available to all players level 2+.

At the start of each season, you will gain access to Battle Career. A Battle Career will allow you to receive rewards for reaching certain milestones in the game which are called ranks.
You will receive Battle Career experience points in ordinary battles, events, and brawls, as well as when you complete daily and long-term challenges. The amount of Battle Career experience points you get in battles is capped and usually does not exceed 1000*.

The more experience you get, the more the current cap is reduced. When it reaches 0, you will no longer be able to earn Battle Career points in battles. But don't worry: The Battle Career points cap is restored over time! It is replenished with 333 points every 2 hours.

* Note that you can increase your Battle Career points cap twice if you purchase a Season Pass.
In the future, Battle Career experience points can be used to increase your Battle Career rank. Each new rank brings free and premium rewards.

Along with the next rank in your Battle Career, you will receive the usual reward corresponding to that rank. You can only receive elite rewards for a new rank if you purchase an Elite Contract.
Players can also purchase individual elite ranks. However, you can only buy them sequentially: if you have not purchased an Elite Contract, but want to get an elite item for rank 7, you will first need to purchase items from rank 1 to 6.

The Elite Contract is retroactive. For example, if, before purchasing an Elite Contract, you managed to get rank 10 in Battle Career, you will immediately gain access to elite items for ranks 1-10. Please note that the Elite Contract is only valid for the current season. The Season 1 Elite Contract does not grant access to Season 2 elite items.

What does Battle Career comprise of?
Battle Career is a game event that includes several important gaming activities: a reward marathon, special quests, a Trophy Fair, and brawls.

What rewards can I get for Battle Career?
There are various rewards for Battle Career: U-fragments, bonus Battle Coins, Battle Coins, gold, insignias, skins for your guns, costumes, masks and even an EMOTION, as well as equipment and specialization cases.

How can I get a higher rank in Battle Career?
By participating in battles, as well as by completing daily and long-term challenges, you will receive Battle Career experience points: these allow you to increase your Battle Career rank.
You can also purchase Battle Career ranks directly if you wish.

When do new daily and long-term challenges sets appear?
Each tab in the Battle Career menu has a timer that shows the time remaining until the daily and long-term challenge sets are updated.

How long does a season last?
60 days from the beginning of the season.

How can I claim Battle Career rewards?
Rewards must be collected manually. As soon as you gain enough experience for the next Battle Career rank, a reward will be available to you. To get it, you just need to click on the "Claim" button. When you reach the next rank, you will see a pop-up window displaying your new rank and related rewards.

Are there any special rewards after Battle Career rank 40?
Yes, and these are extremely useful rewards. For the last 10 ranks in the Battle Career marathon, you will receive cool specialization cases.

But this is not all! You can still gain progress after rank 50: let other players know that they’d better not mess with you! The Battle Career rank will be displayed in your profile.