In update 4.9 we've added a new feature that allows you to stock up on gold. It's called the Copter.

The Copter is available to all players level 3-16.
If you play and refill your consumables quite regularly, then the Copter is a good companion for you. Apart from generating gold every day, it also does backflips in the air next to your character in the main lobby.

So, I got the Copter. What's next?
It's very simple: as soon as you get the Copter, you receive 200 gold. At the same time, a countdown timer starts that'll show when you can claim another gold package from your Copter.

IMPORTANT: keep in mind that after purchasing the Copter, you need to visit the game daily to claim your reward. If for some reason you can't launch the game and claim your daily reward, it won’t roll over to next day.

How long does the Copter last?
The Copter is active for 10 whole days after it's purchased. After that time it flies away.

When do I claim my reward?
The first part of the reward you get right after activating the Copter. After that, watch the timer in the main lobby to learn when your Copter will bring the next gold reward. Make sure to claim your goodies every day!

How do I claim the reward?
When the Copter brings you gold, you'll be able to collect it. To collect the reward, simply tap the Copter and get the gold.