Ever felt that you are late to the (party) battle, like you just spawned but players are already capturing the point or taking crucial positions.

In update 4.6 we have added a new feature called Warm-up. It will help to even the field for all players!

KEEP IN MIND (!)At the start, this new feature will be available only in Pro Play mode! But we are eager to ship it ASAP to all other game modes in Guns of Boom!
How does warm-up work?
As soon as the first player joins a battle, the warm-up timer kicks in. Match will not start before the 20 sec warm-up countdown runs out or before all players load into battle. As soon as the warm-up ends (timer goes to zero) or all player successfully connect, the battle will start
What I can do during the warm-up phase?
During a warm-up, players can move across the whole map, use their consumables and shoot opponents.

- Players can use consumables freely without them being deducted
- Players cannot cause damage to opponents
- Players cannot capture objectives
How long does a warm-up last?
Warm-ups lasts for 20 seconds
*Note: This numbers can be tweaked in the near future (either increased or decreased)
What happens when a warm-up ends?
As soon as warm-up ends, all players spawn on their default positions and are able to shoot, move and capture objectives. Let the battle begin!