What is a brawl?
The Brawl is a unique event that starts every Friday for 72 hours.
A weekly brawl is available for all players level 4 and above.

In Brawl mode, you can relax and have fun while collecting rewards for completed challenges: e.g., Battle Coins, equipment, Battle Career bonuses and a unique “Brawl Backdrop” design for your nickname!

All brawls are fascinating and unique in their own way, because each of them has its own rules. You can read about these rules on the main brawl tab.

Here's what you need to know before getting into a brawl:
- You do not get experience points for participating in a brawl.
- Brawls do not affect your league.
- Gunbucks are not awarded for participating in a brawl.
- Brawls do not affect your statistics in any way.
- By participating in a brawl, you can complete challenges and receive rewards for them.
- Daily and main quests can be completed in brawls.
- In a brawl, you can always try something new without fear of the consequences.
- You’re sure to get heaps of fun and drive!
- During the brawl, you can get additional rewards for completing contract challenges.

And now for the best part!

Want to get even more rewards while eliminating enemies?
Sign a contract and discover new challenges!
- You can sign a contract for gold in the Challenges window during an active brawl.
- When you sign a contract, special challenges with valuable rewards will become available to you.
- Progress in completing contract challenges is counted in, even if you’ve not signed a contract, but you can only receive a reward for completed challenges after the contract is signed.
- The challenges you get after signing the contract can only be completed as part of the current brawl.
- Pay 250 gold and sign a contract for one brawl! You will receive 6,000 Battle Career experience bonuses and a unique design for your nickname. The contractor can be seen from afar!
- If you complete all the quests, you can renew the contract for 250 gold and get more Battle Coins and equipment.

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