Always dreamed of trying out the Odin assault rifle? Watched a bunch of videos about the Juggernaut but never had the chance to wield it? Keep looking at top guns but can’t decide which one to get? We’ve got your back!

Update 4.5 gives you the opportunity to try out weapons for free!

Every player can try any gun (available for their level) by just watching a short video!

- Trial weapons will disappear after one battle: a private match, a regular match, or a brawl match.

- You can try out the same weapon again only after 7 days.
*After trying one gun, you need to wait at least 8 hours before trying out another one.
- Trial weapons have the maximum grade available for your level.

- You can try out any weapon type available for your level (assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun or machinegun).

- If you try to switch a trial weapon out for a weapon you already own, you’ll be warned about losing the trial weapon.