What is it?
It is a brand new tab with cosmetic cases.

What can I get from these cosmetic cases?
Cosmetic items of a current collection.

Does it mean I can’t get cosmetic cases from battles, only buy them?
Hell no! You can do both, you can buy them with gold (there are different packs, from 10 cosmetic case up to 100 cosmetic cases) or get them for completing different quests and/or daily win marathon.

Do cosmetic cases from quest rewards or the win marathon differ from the cosmetic cases I can buy?
Nope! It does not matter if you receive a cosmetic case from a quest or buy it on the Cases tab: they all contain the same items.

How can I open cosmetic cases?
You can open them in 2 places:
1. Go to the main lobby screen and tap on a widget with cosmetic cases (top-middle)
2. Go to Shop -> Cases you can find the "Open" button there