What is the Outlet tab?
It is a store tab with limited time offers and discounts!

What can I buy there?
Masks, full sets of costumes, equipment, weapons, you name it!

Will the Outlet update or will I see the same offers all the time?
Of course it will update! The Outlet will automatically renew offers every (7) days, so keep an eye on it!

What if I already have a costume or a mask which is on sale at Outlet right now?
- If you already own a costume/mask that is on sale at the Outlet, you can't purchase another copy of the item.
- If you have a full set (costume + mask), you can't purchase the same set at the Outlet.
- If you only have one part (mask or costume) of a set that's on sale at the Outlet, you can purchase the whole set. You will receive the item you did not have, as well as a duplicate of the item you had.

What if I have some fragments of a costume, but I want to buy a full costume from the Outlet?
You will receive the parts of the item you don’t have (mask or costume). The rest you will be able to dismantle for Scraps.

How many times can I buy a certain item from the Outlet?
All positions can only be purchased once until the Outlet updates.

What grade level do the guns at the Outlet have?

All weapons sold at the Outlet do not have grade levels