What is Dismantling?
We are giving you an option to dismantle all your cosmetic duplicates for Scraps. You can use your Scraps to craft the cosmetic items you want!

How can I dismantle duplicates of cosmetic items?
First of all, you need to fully assemble a cosmetic item. After that, all the duplicate fragments you receive can be dismantled for Scraps.

What are Scraps?
Scraps are a new currency which you receive after dismantling your duplicate cosmetics.

Can I buy Scraps?
No, Scraps are obtainable ONLY by dismantling duplicate cosmetic items.

How do I get Scraps?
By dismantling your duplicates of cosmetic items.

What can I dismantle?
Duplicates of Insignias, Costumes, and Masks.
*Note: You can only dismantle fragments if you have already completed a certain cosmetic item. As soon as you assemble a cosmetic item, all fragments of the same cosmetic item can be dismantled for Scraps.

Why I can’t dismantle weapon skins?
Because there is no restriction on the number of weapon skins you can obtain in the game. You can use the same skin on different guns.

Does the amount of Scraps from dismantling duplicate cosmetic items depend on the quality and type of the item?
Yes. The higher the quality of your cosmetic item, the more Scraps you will receive upon dismantling it. This also concerns item types: if you dismantle an epic costume, you will receive more Scraps than for dismantling an epic insignia.

Where can I dismantle duplicates of cosmetic items?
Head over to Arsenal -> Cosmetics tab

Can I return a cosmetic item if I have accidentally dismantled it?
Unfortunately, not. We’ve added a confirmation button to prevent accidental dismantles.

What if I have no duplicates to dismantle, how can I earn Scraps?
By earning and opening cases until you complete an item and start receiving duplicate fragments of it (applies to costumes, insignias and masks). After that you can dismantle duplicate fragments to get Scraps.

Can I craft any cosmetic item I want to?
You can craft cosmetic items available in the current collection.
In each new collection, cosmetics may differ from previous ones.

If I’m using Scraps to craft a costume, will I get fragments of it or a whole cosmetic item?
You will receive a finished item. When you craft a cosmetic item using your Scraps, you’ll see the amount of Scraps required for completing it. You will spend only the Scraps required to complete the item, and not one more. completing the item.

Will I lose my Scraps after a new collection is introduced in the game?
Of course not! Your Scraps are here to stay regardless of the current collection.