The Island is home to all kinds of animals: large and small, wild and domesticated. Everyone is welcomed and loved here! Now islanders are ready to meet cute kitties who came on vacation. It looks like there's not enough room to accommodate everyone, but fortunately, we can fix this!

Complete Kitty Playtime event quests and collect Kitty-Kitty Coins! Build the Pussycat Cafe on the Island, where you can play with your fluffy guests and get unique resources to develop the Island!

Don't waste any time

The feline family has lots of work around the world, so they will spend only five days on the Island and then leave for a while. You'll find out when they come back from the news!

Make your purring friends happy

Build and upgrade the Pussycat Cafe to make cats happy, and get good profit to boot! The maximum level of the cafe is 50.

Stay tuned for events

The Pussycat Cafe can only be purchased during the Kitty Playtime event, namely the Unique Building Sale! Don't miss the chance!

Collect Kitty-Kitty Coins

You can only get them during the Kitty Playtime event in the following ways:
  • complete union quests;
  • collect profit from a particular building from the store (the name of the building will be specified in the info-event);
  • collect profit from a particular event building (the name of the building will be specified in the info-event);
  • collect profit from: ZooStyle Mini Hotel; Mr. Puss; Mysterious Pet;
  • open the Lucky's chest;
  • craft from Paw Coins at the Dorin's Workshop;
  • trade with Captain Fluffinsky for various stamps every three hours.

Use Kitty-Kitty Coins

You can use them to build and improve the Pussycat Cafe and hold a Meow-Musical event in it. Moreover, with Kitty-Kitty Coins you can buy various valuable items for the development of the Island in the "Exclusive" tab of the store.

Hold events at the Pussycat Cafe...

... and earn gifts! You'll get Paw Coins for hosting Lap Snuggles and Mice Chase (only during the Kitty Playtime event!).
For holding a Meow-Musical, you'll receive a chest full of valuable resources.