Become a tournament participant!

Take part in a unique tournament! Complete special quests of the event together with other players and get rewards. Strive for a common goal, collect tournament points and win the main prize!
You become a tournament participant from the beginning of the event. Do not forget to go online before the end of the tournament, otherwise your results will not be taken into account, and you won’t be able receive your reward.

Learn how to earn tournament points!

Follow the steps shown in the table and gain points. The points you earn will be counted towards achieving both general and personal goals
  • Talk to wizard students - 1
  • Trade with Sam Watchyerhead - 5
  • Trade with Jed Merlindor - 5
  • Trade with Fly the Owlet - 10
  • Collect profits from the Wizard's Hut - 30
  • Collect profits from the Wizard's Palace - 150
  • Hold a Mystical Lunch - 15
  • Hold a Magical Charms workshop - 20
  • Hold an Alchemy Lesson - 70
  • Place a holiday decoration on your Island - 100

Reach your personal goals!

A personal goal is set individually for each player. Collect the required number of points, complete the tournament quests, and receive special rewards! On the Tournament tab, you can always find out how many points you managed to score and how much time is left until the end.

Reach common goals!

A common goal is set for all the Islands owners. It can be achieved only by a joint effort, when you all earn the required number of points. It's not easy, but the reward is worth it! Call your friends, allies, and other players for help, complete the common quest together, and the main prize of the tournament will be yours!

Climb to the top of the ranking!

The most active players in the tournament, the owners of the Islands with the highest number of tournament points, will find themselves with a special ranking.