This Lunar New Year will certainly be an unusual one: Your old friend Sage Qiu arrived on the Island, and after him, the legendary warrior and wizard, the Monkey King, appeared as well. True, his behavior slightly discouraged everyone ...
But no matter what happens, the holiday must come around! Exchange gifts with your guests, participate in the tournament, complete all quests in time and become the owner of the luxurious Neon Way Restaurant!

Place a Coffer of Harmony!

Place a Coffer of Harmony on your Island. During the event, it will bring Lucky Knots which are required for trading with holiday guests. Lucky Knots can also be found in the Lucky Boxes mini game and received for completing some daily quests.

Please note: the Lucky Knots are only available during the event!


Get gifts from your special guests!

Meet the honored guests of the holiday, Sage Qiu and the Monkey King. Their gifts contain holiday resources as well as rare Golden Lotuses.


Gather Golden Lotuses!

Golden Lotuses are required for the holiday Lucky Jars mini game. These can be found in gifts from Sage Qiu and the Monkey King. You can also get Lotuses from Cunning Hanna.

Play Lucky Jars!

You will find many holiday resources in this holiday mini game. The rules are already familiar to you: These are the same as in the Lucky Boxes mini game. Stock up on Golden Lotuses to play Lucky Jars.

You will have several tries. If you don’t manage to open the best cache on first try, do not be discouraged: use the Crystals and get additional attempts.


Collect holiday resources!

Trade with guests, open gifts, and play mini games to collect resources for the Lunar New Year.
Resources are indispensable for the construction and improvement of unique event buildings.

Please note: You can only get the resources during the event. If you accumulate extra resources, you can always exchange them for useful Helmets. To do this, find the seller Sam Watchyerhead on the Island.


Send holiday greetings to your friends!

Send them unique gifts!

Build and upgrade the festive building!

Complete the Living Myth adventure quests, collect the required amount of holiday resources and build the Thousand Snacks Stall on your Island. Upgrade it to level 3 and it will become an amazing Neon Way Restaurant, where you’ll be able to host exciting events!

Earn special accessories!

Complete the event stages and receive unique accessories as a gift. Use these to increase profits from the events held.

Holiday accessories:

Poet's Fan
Reduces a building’s energy consumption by 5% and increases its profit by 15%.

Grandee's Fan
Reduces a building’s energy consumption by 20% and increases its profit by 35%.

Emperor's Fan
Reduces a building’s energy consumption by 50% and increases its profit by 70%.


Complete the event and gain prizes!

Complete all Living Myth adventure quests in time to gain a Neon Way Restaurant and a golden statuette.

The adventures continue!

Complete all Living Myth adventure quests, and the continuation of the story, In Search of Harmony adventure, will become available to you. Complete it in time, and the Monkey King will give you an amazing Five Elements Stage as a gift. You can change its design at will and hold festive concerts there all year round! In addition, you will receive an elite statuette and a special Heavenly Fan accessory as a reward.

Heavenly Fan
Reduces a building’s energy consumption by 85% and increases its profit by 100%.

Hold a Plum Blossom Holiday and a Festival of Abundance on the Five Elements Stage to earn a special Peacock Feather resource.

You’ll need Peacock Feathers to hold a New Moon Ball on the Five Elements Stage. For this event, you will receive a Peacock Box containing many unique and useful items!

Stack up on Festivity Florins and purchase unique buildings!

Once you get enough Festivity Florins, you'll be able to buy one or more unique buildings from the Holiday Display at the store.
Please note: the offers on the Holiday Display are unique for each and every player.

Create chests in your Workshop!

If you accumulate too many holiday resources, you can use them in the Workshop to create useful chests.
Note that you can only use holiday resources in your Workshop while the Day of Knowledge event is on.