New guests of the Island will help you conquer great waves, explore the wonders of the underwater world, and take part in incredible adventures. Pete the Surfer, Annie the Diver and Dan the Bodybuilder are here! Complete quests, participate in the tournament and do not shy away from sporting activities — that’s the only way you can get incredible prizes and become the owner of a unique Surf Park!

Place a Titan Kettlebell on your Island!

This sports equipment will bring you Stopwatches to exchange with the holiday guests. You can also get these for completing daily quests.

Please note: Stopwatches are only available during the event!

Receive gifts from special guests!

In exchange for Stopwatches, Pete the Surfer will gladly give you an Athlete's Backpack containing Coach's Whistles, Sporty Sneakers, and Sports Water Bottles.
Annie the Diver did not come empty-handed either! In exchange for Stopwatches, you'll receive a Gym Bag containing Sporty Sneakers, Diving Masks, and Sports Water Bottles.

Collect Sports Water Bottles!

In exchange for the usual Energy, Dan the Bodybuilder will give you Sports Water Bottles. These will help you play the Lucky Bags mini game and win prizes. Note that you can also find Water Bottles in Athlete's Backpacks and Gym Bags.
Note that Dan the Bodybuilder will give you Sports Water Bottles every 5 hours.

Play the Lucky Bags mini game!

A kettlebell is not just a decoration! It contains Lucky Bags with prizes, and it's up to you to decide which one you open. The rules are the same as in Lucky Boxes. Stock up on fitness bottles to play Lucky Bags more often!
You have several tries in Lucky Bags. If the first time you didn't manage to open the best lucky bag, don't be discouraged: Use the Crystals and get extra attempts.

Collect holiday resources!

Trade with the guests, open gifts and get resources. You can also gain resources when you complete daily quests. Holiday resources are critical if you want to build and upgrade the unique event buildings!
Please note that you can get these resources only during the event.

Send holiday greetings to your friends!

Build and upgrade the festive building!

Complete the event quests, collect the required amount of holiday resources, and build a Surfing School. Upgrade it to level 3, and it will turn into an Element Surf Park, where you can hold exciting events!!

Earn special accessories!

Complete the stages of the Sea World Delights event to get unique accessories as a gift. Use these to reduce event duration and energy consumption. The accessories are suitable for hotels and entertainment.
Holiday accessories:
Wooden Keychain
Reduces event duration in the hotel by 5% and the building's energy consumption by 5%.
Metal Keychain
Reduces event duration in the hotel by 20% and the building's energy consumption by 15%.
Unique Keychain
Reduces event duration in the hotel by 30% and the building's energy consumption by 45%.

Complete the event and get the prizes!

Complete all the Sea World Delights event quests on time to become the owner of an Element Surf Park and a golden figurine!

The adventures continue!

Complete all stages of the Sea World Delights event, and the continuation of the story, Island Sport Games, will become available to you. Help the heroes and guests arrange amazing sports games on the Island! If you manage to do this, the incredible Depth Diving Club will be yours. In addition, you will be rewarded with an elite figurine and a special Windsurf Keychain accessory.
Windsurf Keychain
Reduces event duration in the hotel by 70% and the building's energy consumption by 60%.
Hold Underwater Photoshoots and a History of Diving Lecture at your Depth Diving Club to get a special Diving Kit resource.
You will need a Diving Kit to hold a Jellyfish Show in your Depth Diving Club. For this event, you will receive an Underwater Gift containing lots of unique and useful items!

Create chests in your Workshop!

If you have more than enough holiday resources, you can use these in the Workshop to create useful chests.
Please note: You can use holiday resources in the Workshop only during the sports event.