We are not alone in the universe! Some people just want to believe it, but the Islanders know that for sure. It's time to meet new people - welcome guests from the planet Purrs! They have heard a lot of good things about Earth and want to see for themselves how beautiful our planet is. If you manage to befriend the Purrsians, an incredible space embassy will appear on the Island! Who knows which guests from space will fly in after...


Place a special decoration on your Island!

Set up the Sphere Lab on the Island and get Clockwork Mice there! These are not toys, but an important device you will definitely need.



Get gifts from your special guests!

Meet the honored guests of the holiday, Doctors of Purrsology and Amateur Purrsologists! They need Clockwork Mice for their work; in exchange they will share Purrcoins and other valuable resources with you. You’ll require these to create alien items in your Workshop.


Check out the Workshop!

Everyone on the Island knows Dorin is a jack of all trades. Use his help to create high-tech items, from Silicate Blocks, Old Batteries and Purrcoins: You’ll need these to trade with Purrsians.


Welcome guests from a distant galaxy!

The famous Purrsian explorers, Pilot Meows and Captain Fluffinsky, have come to Earth and want to learn everything about it! Create Energy Cubes and Catbots in your Workshop, and receive Purrcoins from your guests in exchange.


Collect holiday resources!

Create unusual resources in your Workshop and exchange them for Purrcoins. These are indispensable in the construction and improvement of unique event buildings!

Please note: These resources can only be obtained during the event. If you accumulate extra resources, you can always exchange them for useful Hardhats. To do this, find Sam Watchyerhead, the seller on your Island.


Build the Purrsian Embassy!

Complete the event quests and build the Purrsian Embassy on your Island!


Send holiday gifts to your friends! 


Get holiday accessories!

Complete the event stages and receive unique accessories as a reward from the intergalactic community. Use them to reduce the duration of your events. 

White Dwarf Badge
It will reduce event duration in a hotel by 15%.

Yellow Dwarf Badge
It will reduce event duration in a hotel by 35%.

Red Giant Badge
It will reduce event duration in a hotel by 60%.


Meet Mr. Puss!

Mr. Puss, the famous space traveler and owner of a space hotel chain, became interested in the Purrsian Earth expedition!

Complete the first adventure and an exciting sequel about Mr. Puss will be available for you. If you make everything on time, he will stay on your Island forever! In addition, you will receive a unique Double Star Badge accessory, which reduces the time of events in a hotel by 85% and doubles its profit.

Hold a Fluffy Conference and Cats of Earth Workshop with Mr. Puss to get a unique Clockwork Fish resource.

You will need fish to hold the Meow Summit. For it you will receive a nice gift every time!


Stack up on Festivity Florins and purchase unique buildings!

Once you get enough Festivity Florins, you'll be able to buy one or more unique buildings from the Holiday Display at the store.
Please note: the offers on the Holiday Display are unique for each and every player.