Nature gives us its fruits all year round and pleases us with beauty, so we, in turn, must take care of it! That is why it was decided to hold the Festival of Nature on the Island, within the framework of the Earth Day. Professor Evergreen is heading to the Island to make the holiday more advantageous! She and her assistants are ready to show the Islanders how to take better care of nature. She also argues that modern housing can be built using recycled materials. You find it hard to believe? See for yourself! Trade gifts with the holiday guests, take part in the tournament, complete all the quests in time and become the owner of an autonomous Eco-house, built using eco-technologies!


Place the Blue Planet on the Island

Complete the event quests and place a unique Blue Planet decoration on the Island. It will bring you Eco-crowns to trade with the holiday guests. You can also win Eco-crowns in the Lucky Boxes mini-game, as well as gain these for completing daily quests.

Please note: Eco-crowns are only available during the event! 


Meet the eco-volunteers

These altruists work for the good of Nature all day long. They will gladly give you Eco-bricks in exchange for Eco-crowns.


Meet Professor Evergreen!

Do not let her youth mislead you: this girl has extensive experience in the field of ecology, so she knows very well what will benefit nature. Give her Eco-crowns: She will exchange these for Eco Bags; in there you will find Eco-bricks and Eco-building Blueprints.

Professor Evegreen has brought a real Research Drone with her! In exchange for Eco-bricks, it will bring you Green Packages, wherein you will find Young Shoots and Eco-building Blueprints.


Get regular gifts!

Every 12 hours, you can click on a button in the Blue Planet menu and receive a Recycling Unit as a special gift. In there you will find holiday resources.

The Blue Planet will only bring you special gifts during the event. Try to collect gifts in time so you don't miss a single one! 


Collect holiday resources!

Trade with guests, complete daily quests and get festive resources as a reward. The resources will help you construct and upgrade the unique Earth Day buildings!

Keep in mind that you can only get these resources during the event. If you collect too many resources, you can always exchange them for valuable hardhats. In order to do that, you need to find the salesman, Sam Watchyerhead, on the Island.


Send holiday greetings to your friends!

Send them holiday gifts!

You can also send your friends a Pallet Box as a special gift. It contains Eco-bricks, Eco-building Blueprints and Young Shoots.


Build and upgrade the festive building!

Complete the Festival of Nature quests, collect the required amount of holiday resources, and build a Modular House. Upgrade the Modular House to level 3 to turn it into an Eco-house. where you can hold fascinating events! 


Get special accessories!

Complete the Festival of Nature stages to receive unique accessories as a gift. Use them to speed up profit accumulation and reduce event duration.

The Festival of Nature accessories:

Potted Spearmint
Speeds up profit accumulation by 5% and reduces event duration by 5%.

Aloe Vera
Speeds up profit accumulation by 15% and reduces event duration by 25%.

Potted Bamboo
Speeds up profit accumulation by 25% and reduces event duration by 35%



Complete the event and claim your prizes!

Complete all the Nature Festival quests on time to become the owner of a modern Eco-house and a golden statuette!


The adventures continue!

Make eco-tourism trendy for conservationists from all over the world to come to the Island! Complete all the Festival of Nature stages, and the continuation of the story will become available to you. This time, you and Professor Evegreen will organize the World Eco Summit on the Island. The most important issues in the field of ecology will be resolved there. If you complete the story successfully, you will become the owner of the stunning Birds of Paradise Complex, where you can hold vibrant eco-events! In addition, you will receive an elite statuette and a special Green Energy accessory as a reward.


Green Energy

This accessory makes a building operate without any electricity or staff.

Hold the Dear Island Lectures and Yoga Classes in the Birds of Paradise Complex to gain a special Feather of Mindfulness resource.

You’ll need the Feather of Mindfulness to hold an Eco Summit in the Birds of Paradise Complex. For this event you’ll get a gift from Eco Foundation wherein you’ll find many unique and useful items!  


Stack up on Festivity Florins and purchase unique buildings!

Once you get enough Festivity Florins, you'll be able to buy one or more unique buildings from the Holiday Display at the store.
Please note: the offers on the Holiday Display are unique for each and every player.


Create chests in your Workshop!

If you accumulate too many holiday resources, you can use them in the Workshop to create useful chests.