Halloween's coming, and the whole Island is getting ready - join the fun! Meet the great wizard Jed Merlindor and his henchman, Fly the Owlet. Complete all their quests in time, and you'll get to build the unique Wizard's Palace in your resort!


Place the Pumpkin Monster!

Complete the event quests and place the Pumpkin Monster on the Island! It will bring you Strange Pumpkins to trade with the holiday guests. You can also get Pumpkins when you complete some daily quests or win these while playing Lucky Boxes.

Please note: you can get Pumpkins only while the event is active.


Greet the Wizard Students!

The Wizard Students will gladly exchange their Magic Particles for your Strange Pumpkins.


Get gifts from renowned guests!

Supply Jed Merlindor with Strange Pumpkins, and in exchange, he will give you a Curious Box full of Magic Particles and Thriller Cocktails.

Fly the Owlet, the wizard's henchman needs Magic Particles - in exchange for them, he will give you an Enchanted Cauldron containing Thriller Cocktails and Magic Cookies.


Collect holiday resources!

Trade with guests and complete daily quests to get holiday resources. Only with their help will you be able to build and upgrade unique event buildings.



Send holiday greetings to your friends!

Send them unique gifts!


Build and upgrade the festive building!

Complete event quests, collect the required amount of holiday resources, and build the Wizard's Hut. Upgrade it up to level 3, and it'll turn into the Wizard's Palace, where you can hold special events!


Get holiday accessories!

Complete all the stages of the event, to get a unique accessory as a prize. Use it to reduce the amount of electricity required by a building, as well as increase its profits.

Wizard's Broom
Reduces a building's electricity requirements by 50% and increases its profits by 70%.


Complete the event and gain prizes!

Complete all the quests of the Sorcerous Celebration event to get your hands on the Wizard's Palace and a golden statuette!


The adventures continue!

Complete all the stages of the Sorcerous Celebration event, and you will unlock the next chapter in the Mystery of the Portal story. Manage to close the portal and banish all the ghosts in time, and you will receive a chest full of Florins, which you can use at the store to buy unique buildings from previous events. Apart from that, you'll get an elite statuette and a special accessory - the Great Wizard's Broom.

Great Wizard's Broom
Reduces a building's electricity consumption by 85% and increases its profits by 95%.


Stack up on Festivity Florins and purchase unique buildings!

Once you get enough Festivity Florins, you'll be able to buy one or more unique buildings from the Holiday Display at the store.
Please note: the offers on the Holiday Display are unique for each and every player.


Create chests in your Workshop!

If you accumulate too many holiday resources, you can use them in the Workshop to create useful chests.
Note that you can only use holiday resources in your Workshop while the Day of Knowledge event is on.