The sea, sun, spreading palm trees all around ... That looks like an ideal vacation that many of us dream of. However, some tourists are not accustomed to such heat and find it difficult to endure, so rest becomes like a torment for them. Fortunately, our good old friend Grandpa Harty knows how to deal with such ailments. With the help of his special refreshing smoothies, he is ready to give a boost of vivacity to everyone. Yet, to do this, he needs your help!
Build a Vitamin Blast Cafe on the Island and collect resources. Help Grandpa Harty arrange a true Vitamin Party for the islanders! Complete all quests in time, craft gaming tokens, and get prizes for each spin of the Wheel of Fortune! Collect all three prizes!

Place Vitamin Blast Cafe on the Island!

Complete the holiday quests and place a unique Vitamin Blast Café decoration on the Island: it will bring you refreshing smoothies to trade with the holiday guests.
Please note: Refreshing smoothies are only available during the event!

Trade with the holiday tourists!

There are many kind-hearted tourists on the Island who are ready to come to your aid. They'll happily give you fruit in exchange for a refreshing smoothie!

Collect holiday resources!

You will need fruits full of vitamins to complete your holiday quests.
Please note: You can get these resources only during the event.

Craft gaming tokens in your Workshop!

Use holiday resources to create a gaming token.
If you want to get five or ten tokens at once, along with other useful resources, create special chests available only during the Vitamin Party event.

Gain rewards!

Complete all stages of the Vitamin Party and gain access to the Wheel of Fortune game, in which you can get one of three valuable prizes. You need 12 tokens to start the game. If you want to receive all the three gifts, continue to create tokens in the Workshop to re-launch the Wheel of Fortune.

Get new buildings and resources!

Spin the Wheel of Fortune to get unique buildings and special Vitacapsules. One Vitacapsule can be used to upgrade any event building by 1 level.

Get regular gifts!

Every 12 hours, you can press a button in the Vitamin Blast Café menu and receive a special reward as a gift from Harty. There you’ll find holiday resources and special Vitamin Coupons!
The cafe will only bring you special gifts during the event. Try to collect gifts in time so as not to miss a single one.

Congratulate your friends!

You can give your friends refreshing smoothies in return for Vitamin Coupons.