Life on the Island is a breeze! However, it seems some of the tourists have developed an appetite for sweets and deserts! Well, it’s settled then: the Island will host a Honey Festival! The bees have already collected the sweet nectar from tropical flowers, and the sweet-tooth tourists are anxiously waiting with spoons in their hands. Get honeycombs and complete festival quests! Build the Honey Store in your resort, and you’ll be able to host the sweetest events ever, as well as treat your guests to some first-class honey.

Check out the Exclusive tab!

Here you'll find the amazing Honey Store, which is available only during the Honey Festival. Build it in your resort and hold sweet events for your guests!

Collect honeycombs!

You can find this holiday resource in Honey Pinatas or get it for completing union quests. Use honeycombs to purchase and upgrade the Honey Store, and also to create various holiday resources at the Workshop.

Hold events in the Honey Store!

You can use honeycombs to hold the Honey Fair, and Honey Jars for the Raspberry Honey Sampling. If you want to find out, who’s the top pastry chef on the Island, hold the Honey Cake Contest. You’ll need Honey Jars for this event.

Visit the Workshop!

Using your honeycombs and Honey Jars at the Workshop, you can make a whole Honey Barrel. Enough for everyone!

Collect holiday resources!

Honey resources are essential for building and upgrading the festival building, as well as for holding special events.

Keep in mind that you can only get these resources during the event.

Build and upgrade the Honey Store!

It'll become a go-to destination for all the sweet-tooth tourists, and will generate a hefty income.