Sea Dog's Chest
Yo-ho-ho! Captain Emilia’s ship is on the horizon. Naomi’s friend, and the conqueress of the seas, has arrived at your resort with her crew to have some fun. Be ready for a pirate-style party!

Yet, something unexpected happened this time: Some unknown pirates have captured the eastern bay! Buy the water territory from them for kraken ducats and build your own buildings there.

Collect still more kraken ducats to build a Pirate Frigate and get the unique Baby Turtle Neil decoration. Complete quests, gain achievements and exchange unique gifts. The sea tournament and its rewards await! Meet the timeline and gain a valuable chest and a profitable accessory!

Collect piastres

The Pirate Yacht brings piastres every 3 hours. Collect them to trade with the pirates, and they will reward you for your generosity!
Piastres also can be obtained:
  • By trading with Capt. Emilia once every 7 hours.
  • By completing some of the daily quests.
  • By playing the Race mini-game on the Pirate Yacht.

Talk to the pirates

To get piastres they will do anything. Like give you resources for the Sea Adventure.

Play the Race mini-game on the Pirate Yacht

Drive around the coastal zone and look for piastres!
To play the mini-game, tap the Pirate Yacht and then the Race button. Make sure you have enough fuel!

Collect unique resources

You can trade it for valiable chests from sailors.
  • Tropical Star
  • Flint's Compass
  • Spyglass

Send your friends an amazing gift

They will certainly be delighted by this beautiful Sea Maiden!

Buy territories

The eastern bay was captured by unknown pirates! Buy the water territory from them for kraken ducats and build your own buildings there. Note that the territories of the eastern bay can be purchased, only during the Sea Adventure, and under the following conditions:
  • The Eastern Ridge is destroyed;
  • All the neighboring territories are purchased
You can get kraken ducats:
  • For the Sea Adventure quests
  • Trading with the sailors
  • Trading with Captain Emilia
  • From the Lucky Boxes
  • In the Wondershop
  • As a part of special offers

Build the unique Pirate Frigate hotel

A Pirate Frigate was added to the Exclusive tab of the game store. That’s a place for the true old sea dogs to rest. Collect kraken ducats during the Sea Adventure to gain this unusual hotel.
You can use ducats to build and upgrade the Pirate Frigate and hold a Pirate Party on board. Each time you throw this party you’ll be getting a special gift!

Get a cute decoration for the Island

On the Exclusive tab there’s a new decoration, the charming Baby Turtle Neil. Collect kraken ducats during the Sea Adventure to build it!
Don’t get upset if you cannot get enough ducats in time. The building of the Pirate Frigate and Baby Turtle Neil decoration won’t influence your advance through the event stages, and Emilia’s crew will stay a while on the Island.

Trade with the sailors

If you complete all the Sea Adventure quests before the event ends, sailors in search of resources will come to visit you. Satisfy their requests and get treasure chests as a reward:
  • Sailor Jessie Brave is sure to give you a Shipboy's Chest for Tropical Stars.
  • Sailor Jack Albatross is looking for Flint's Compasses and is ready to give you a Mariner's Chest full of useful items or even kraken ducats in exchange.
  • Sailor Billy Sharp Eye is ready to give you Old Salt's Chests for some spyglasses. You’ll find useful items and kraken ducats in each chest.
  • Shipboy's Chest
  • Mariner's Chest
  • Old Salt's Chest

Complete the event and get the prizes!

Meet the event conditions in time and get a valuable Sea Dog's Chest as a reward from all the pirates. You’ll also get a unique accessory, the Pirate Tricorn! It will increase a buildings income by 50% and your experience for profits collection by 25%. Good luck!