Everyone perceives autumn in their own way: For example, Mano complains about the wind and a bad mood. Do not follow his example though — we'd better try to convince him otherwise! In autumn, nature is incredibly colorful. In addition, at this time, many schoolchildren come to the Island to have a good time on vacation, so you will never get bored!
Meet the guests and enjoy the autumn fall! Build a Treehouse for the little Islanders and turn it into a gorgeous Family Nest Villa, where merry laughter can be heard forever!

Place a Fall Garden on your Island!

Complete the event quests and place a unique Fall Garden decoration on your Island. It will bring you Autumn Leaves for trading with the holiday guests. You can also obtain those Leaves by completing daily quests.
Note that Autumn Leaves are only available during the event!

Get gifts from special guests!

In exchange for Autumn Leaves, Jane Flower will gladly give you an Autumn Gift. In there you will find Lemon Tea, Yellow Gerbera, and Knit Scarves.
Willie Flower also did not come empty-handed! In exchange for Autumn Leaves, you will receive Grandma's Treats, which contain Yellow Gerbera, Pumpkin Pie, and Knit Scarves.

Collect Knit Scarves!

Caring Grandma Rose lives on the Island. In exchange for Autumn Leaves, she will give you Knit Scarves to protect you from catching cold. With their help, you will be able to play Lucky Baskets and receive prizes. Note that the Scarves can also be found in Autumn Gifts and Grandma's Treats.
Please note: Grandma will give you Scarves every 4 hours.

Play the Lucky Baskets mini game!

Your Fall Garden is not just a place to relax! Lucky Baskets with prizes are hidden there: It is up to you to decide which one to open. The rules are the same as in Lucky Boxes. Stock up on Knit Scarves to play Lucky Baskets more often!
In Lucky Baskets, you are given several attempts. If you don’t manage to open the happiest basket at the first try, do not be discouraged: Use crystals to get additional attempts.

Collect holiday resources!

Trade with the guests, complete daily quests and receive holiday resources. Only these resources will help you build and upgrade the unique event buildings!
Please note: You can only get the resources during the event. If you accumulate extra resources, you can always exchange them for useful Helmets. To do this, find the seller Sam Watchyerhead on the Island.

Send holiday greetings to your friends!

Send them unique gifts!

Build and upgrade the festive building!

Complete the event quests, collect the required amount of holiday resources, and build a Treehouse. Upgrade it to level 3 and it will become a Family Nest Villa, where you can feel like a child again while holding exciting events!

Earn special accessories!

Complete the Fall Break stages to receive unique accessories as a gift. Use them to increase your power generation. Accessories are suitable for all new generation stations, except for the Quantum Power Station.

Fall Break accessories:
Wax Candle
Increases produced energy by 25%
Decorative Candle
Increases produced energy by 70%
Kerosene Lamp
Increases produced energy by 90%

Complete the event and gain prizes!

Complete all the Fall Break quests in time to become the owner of a Family Nest Villa and a golden statuette!

The adventures continue!

Complete all the Fall Break stages, and the continuation of the story, the Grandma Rose's Dream adventure, will become available to you. Hurry to complete the story in time and become the owner of the Forget-Me-Not Greenhouse, where Grandma Rose can make her life's dream come true. In addition, you will receive an elite statuette and a special Undying Bouquet accessory as a reward.

Undying Bouquet

Increases produced energy by 100% and reduces its energy consumption by 50%.
Hold a Planting Flowers event and a Bouquet Day in the Greenhouse ​​to get a special Tropical Bouquet resource.
A Tropical Bouquet is required to hold Butterfly Watching in the Forget-Me-Not Greenhouse. For this event, you will receive a Winged Box containing many unique and useful items!

Stack up on Festivity Florins and purchase unique buildings!

Once you get enough Festivity Florins, you'll be able to buy one or more unique buildings from the Holiday Display at the store. Please note: the offers on the Holiday Display are unique for each and every player.

Create chests in your Workshop!

If you accumulate too many holiday resources, you can use them in the Workshop to create useful chests.
Note that you can only use holiday resources in your Workshop while the Day of Knowledge event is on.