We are not alone in the universe! While some just want to believe it, the islanders know for sure. Local Ufologists have recorded a signal — guests from outer space are almost here! They have come a long way to get to our planet, and for a reason. Meet the Cosmopods and be ready to help them! If you manage to do everything on time, you will not only find true friends, but also get a unique Octotooine Reserve!

Place a special decoration on your Island!

Place a Sphere Lab on the Island to get Clockwork Mice! These are not toys, but important devices you will definitely need.

Receive gifts from special guests!

Meet the guests from space, a Cosmopod Zoologist, and a Cosmopod Student! They need Clockwork Mice to get in touch with their home world Octothuin; in exchange they will give you boxes with valuable resources.

Collect Energy Crystals!

They will come in handy for the holiday Lucky Cosmo Boxes mini game. You can find Energy Crystals in a Quasar Box or a Blazar Box; you can also get these from your special guest, the Amateur Purrsologist.
Please note: The Purrsologist will give you Energy Crystals once every 5 hours.

Play the Lucky Cosmo Boxes mini game!

The Sphere Lab is renowned for its inventions, and for the Lucky Cosmo Boxes game as well! The rules are already familiar to you: These are the same as in the Lucky Boxes. Stock up on Energy Crystals to play Lucky Cosmo Boxes!

In Lucky Cosmo Boxes, you are given several attempts. Don’t be discouraged if you didn't manage to open the best box the first time! Use the Crystals to get extra attempts.

Collect holiday resources!

Trade with the guests, open gifts and get resources. You can also gain resources when you complete daily quests. Holiday resources are critical if you want to build and upgrade the unique event buildings!

Please note: You can only get the resources during the event. If you accumulate extra resources, you can always exchange them for useful Helmets. To do this, find the seller Sam Watchyerhead on the Island.

Build an Octotooine Reserve!

Complete the event quests, collect the required amount of holiday resources, and place an Alien Zoo on your Island. Upgrade it to level 3 and it will turn into an Octotooine Reserve with fascinating events.

Send holiday greetings to your friends!

Send them unique gifts!

Earn special accessories!

Complete the event stages and get unique accessories from the Cosmopods as a reward. These will help your stations produce more electricity.
Lavaderan Model
This accessory helps the station produce 25% more electricity
Oceanant Model
This accessory helps the station produce 50% more electricity

Ringolure Model

This accessory helps the station produce 70% more electricity

Complete the event and get the prizes!

Complete all the quests of the Space Saga event on time and get an Octotooine Reserve and a golden figurine as a reward!

The adventures continue!

Complete all the Space Saga adventure stages and you will be able to continue the story in Octotooine Mission! You will get acquainted with the animals and plants of a distant planet, and if the mission is complete, the aliens will build a Cosmopod City on your Island. In addition, you will receive an elite figurine and a special Greenterra Model accessory as a reward.
Greenterra Model
This accessory helps the station produce 90% more electricity
Hold Talks in the Space Hall and Out of This World Show in the Cosmopod City to get a unique Alien Seed resource.
You will need the Seeds to hold a Two Planet Festival — you will receive a Cosmopods' Gift for this every time.

Visit the Workshop!

If you accumulate too many holiday resources, you can use them in the Workshop to create useful chests.
Please note that you can use holiday resources in your Workshop during the event only.