Paradise Island is celebrating its birthday! The future seems brighter than the hot tropical sun, yet its past holds some astonishing finds too. Do you think you know all there is to know about the Island? Talk to the experts to learn a lot of new things! Arrange an archeological expedition, and who knows what you might unearth... If you hurry and complete all the tasks in time, the Island will once again become the center of attention for the whole world!

Place a Tropical Cake!

Complete the event quests and place a unique Tropical Cake decoration on your Island. It will regularly bring you Pieces of Cake to trade with the holiday guests.
Two times a day, you can press the Blow Out button in the cake quest menu to receive a special birthday present. Inside, you'll find holiday resources and other useful items.

The Cake will bring you special gifts during the event only. Try to collect these in time so you don't miss a single one!

Receive gifts from special guests!

Greet expedition members! Treat them to Pieces of Cake and get Pocket Hammers in exchange. You can also get Pocket Hammers for completing some of the daily tasks.

Pieces of Cake will also appeal to Tiny Mary. In exchange, she'll give you a Surprise Gift Bag which contains many useful items: Noisemakers, Pieces of Paper, and sometimes Torn Pieces of Paper.

Collect Pieces of Paper!

You can find Pieces of Paper in Surprise Gift Bags or craft them from Torn Pieces of Paper at the Workshop.

You need Pieces of Paper to trade with Island experts. In exchange, they'll give you Island Essays.

Collect holiday resources!

Trade with holiday guests and open gifts to collect Adventure Island event resources.
Holiday resources are indispensable for any party, as well as for the construction and upgrading of unique buildings.

Please note: You can only get the resources during the event. If you accumulate extra resources, you can always exchange them for useful Helmets. To do this, find the seller Sam Watchyerhead on the Island.

Find and study the Relict Egg!

Complete event quests, collect the required amount of event resources and study the Relict Egg. Reach research level 4, and the egg will change drastically!

Send holiday greetings to your friends!

Send them unique gifts with which they can attract even more tourists to the Island.

Earn special accessories!

Complete event stages to get unique accessories as rewards. Use them to speed up profit accumulation.

Chasing Mystery Accessories

Souvenir Plate
Speeds up profit accumulation by 5%.

Rare Plate
Speeds up profit accumulation by 10%.

Book of Wisdom
Increases building profits by 50%, reduces energy requirements by 30% and repair costs by 30%.

Complete the event and get the prizes!

Complete all the quests of the Chasing Mystery event on time, and you'll get an unusual inhabitant along with a gold statuette.

The adventures continue!

Complete all the stages of the Chasing Mystery adventure to unlock more of the Milestones of Time story! If you're successful, the unbelievable Gallery of Experiences, along with an elite statuette, will become yours!
Hold an Interactive Exhibition and a Treasure Island quest at the Gallery of Experiences to get a special resource - Main Exhibit. With its help, you can hold the Secrets of History Tour!

You can get unique gifts in exchange for Main Exhibits!

Get a unique accessory as a reward!

Complete all the stages of the Milestones of Time adventure to get a holiday accessory, which will make any building super profitable.

Islander Medal
Reduces staff requirements by 85% and event holding time by 90%.

Create chests in your Workshop!

If you accumulate too many holiday resources, you can use them in the Workshop to create useful chests.

Please note that you can use holiday resources in your Workshop during the event only.