Your Island is the epicenter of the global progress. Scientists and inventors are on their way to you, so create all the necessary conditions for scientific experiments. Complete the event quests, unlock new achievements and exchange Scientific Gifts with your friends. Manage to do this in time, and you'll get the Innovator's Chest with lots of amazing items inside! And don't miss the chance to participate in the Scientific Tournament to earn points and win cool prizes. May the force of science be with you!

Collect Memory Sticks!

Follow the event quests and build the unique research station Seeker-23 with a super powerful computer onboard. The computer will analyze the information and record all the data to special Memory Sticks. Collect the Sticks and give them to the inventors!
The Treasure Hunter can also help you find Memory Sticks. Play Lucky Boxes, and there’s a chance you’ll find Memory Sticks.

Interact with the scientists!

Give these guys some Memory Sticks, and you’ll get scientific resources in return.
Inventors will need them for scientific experiments.

Get unique accessories!

Complete event stages to get unique accessories that reduce staff requirements for buildings.
Complete the last stage of the Scientific Boom event, and get an unbelievable robot. With this accessory, any given building will no longer require any staff!
Accessories for this season of the Scientific Boom:
  • Simple Robot - Reduces staff requirements by 1%
  • Smart Robot - Reduces staff requirements by 10%
  • Latest Robot - Reduces staff requirements by 50%
  • Robot of the Future - Removes any staff requirements


Send amazing gifts to friends!


Build the unique Eureka Hotel and futuristic Synthpop Hall!

The new Eureka Hotel has appeared on the Exclusive tab of the store.
Collect special Holographic Coins during the Scientific Boom and trade them for the hotel where you can host the Research of the Future event.

Dance into the future to some cool tunes! In the Exclusive tab, you'll also find Synthpop Hall—the best place for those who keep up with the times! Use Holographic Coins to get this building and hold the Electro Party there.
By the way, for every Research of the Future and Electro Party event held, you will earn a special gift!

Collect Holographic Coins!

You can earn Holographic Coins by completing the quests of the Scientific Boom, also you can find them:
  • Inventors' chests, that will arrive on the Island after completing all the tasks of the Scientific Boom and be available until the event ends.
  • Innovator's chest, that can be earned for completing the Scientific Boom on time.
  • Lucky Boxes during the Scientific Boom if you're lucky enough.
Don't feel bad if you can't get the required amount of Holographic Coins. The Eureka Hotel and Synthpop Hall are not part of the Scientific Boom quests, plus the inventors will surely return to the Island in the future!

Place unique decorations!

Meet the Tropical Luminos! Biologists created it from a beautiful southern tree and luminous algae. Genius!
The Paradox Waterfall will amaze even the most experienced and sophisticated traveler! Scientists have defied the laws of physics and geometry and created a real engineering marvel.
All of these decorations can be purchased for holographic coins in the Exclusive section.

Help the inventors!

If you complete all the quests before the Scientific Boom event ends, the inventors will come to you to look for the missing resources necessary for experiments. Comply with their requests and in return, receive chests with useful inventions!
Inventress Alpha - The Inventress asks you to bring her I-Cable Skeins and rewards you with Alpha Chests filled with useful items for the development of your Island. If you are lucky, you’ll also find holographic coins in there.
Inventor Beta - Inventor Beta lacks Fun Science Textbooks. In exchange, he will give you Beta Chests containing useful items and sometimes holographic coins as well.
Inventress Gamma - This Inventress trades Gamma Chest for M-13 Spare Parts. You will find holographic coins and items essential for the development of your Island in every Gamma Chest!

Finish the event and receive prizes!

Meet all the event requirements, and get a very valuable gift from the scientific elites—the Innovator’s Chest. Good luck!