The journey has started! Play Sandy Caps, complete the quests, and receive rewards. The more times you complete the journey, the more prizes you get!

How to set out on the journey?

Tap on the Incredible Journey icon on the event panel. The Journey map will open with several stages marked on it.

How to win?

The Journey consists of several stages, and you need to complete all of them. Each stage has a winning requirement: for example, you will have to complete it within a designated time or have a limited number of allowed mistakes. Be careful: read the description of every stage in its window before starting the game.

What are Checkpoints?

They are certain places that you return to after losing. There will be several along the path—you’ll certainly recognize them as each is named Checkpoint.
An island with a gift is situated before each Checkpoint: the reward here is higher than on other islands.

What happens if I lose?

You’ll lose some of your progress and return to the nearest Checkpoint. Every stage of the journey has the number of the island where the Checkpoint is located.

What is difficult about this game?

Some pairs of caps are of the same color and differ only in form.
Some pairs of caps are of the same shape and differ only in color.
Some Caps may look very similar and have only minor differences. Be very attentive!

What items may be useful?

Some stages are hard to complete, but special talismans will help you: use them to score a victory! During the Incredible Journey one of the usual talismans for Sandy Caps will be exchanged for the Talisman of Clarity. Note that during the event you can use only two talismans, the Talisman of Clarity and the Talisman of Explosion. All the other talismans will be unavailable.

Talisman of Clarity - Turns all the caps on the board face up for 1 second.
Talisman of Explosion - Removes two random matching caps from the field.

How to win the main reward?

Complete all the stages of the event, and get a Traveler's Chest full of amazing rewards! You can claim the chest several times by completing the event again. Keep in mind though, once you complete the journey, you’ll need to wait before starting over.

How do I get the Equator Travelers' Club?

To get it, stack up on Equator stamps that you get for completing journey quests. You can complete the event several times in a row to get all the stamps you need. If you run out of time, don’t worry—the journey will become available again in the future.