The Deserted Island is the first Athlantean island that you’ll be able to visit. Just like other Athlantean islands, it requires special items that can be produced and used right there.
For instance, the Movable Kitchen produces Athlantean food that is required for all actions on the Deserted Island. Regular food won’t work there.
Once you get to the Deserted Island, get rid of all the trash. Clearing the territory will give you experience, food, gold, collection items, and Athlantean Tubes — a special resource that you can find only on the islands of Athlantis.
You can also find treasures on the islands of Athlantis that provide useful resources and items for a certain price.
That said, most riches are found in Athlantean Chests. To get your hands on them, you’ll need to complete several quests. The rewards are totally worth it; you can find Map Fragments, Athlantean Tubes, gold, and gems.
Completing quests requires Gifts from the island's inhabitants — the Beaver, Tiger, and Mammoth. Complete the Orchestra collection to get the Beaver’s Gift. Restoring the statues and assembling the Fish Feast collection will give you the Tiger’s Gift. Finally, the Mammoth’s Gift will be yours when you complete the Crane collection and rescue the poor animal from the pit.
Complete quests on the Deserted Island, and you’ll get parts of collections that can be used right there. However, there are collections that come in handy absolutely everywhere, like the Sea Bounty and Treasure Map.
To complete the Sea Bounty collection, go on dives in the bathyscaphe. The collection will increase your reserves of Athlantean food.
Parts of the Treasure Map collection can only be found on the islands of Athlantis, but when it’s fully assembled, you’ll be able to travel to one of your other islands and discover a rare Athlantean Treasure there!
A few words about Athlantean Tubes. They are a special resource that can be discovered only on the islands of Athlantis. Use it to construct amazing Athlantean buildings on your regular islands.