During your adventures in the Treasure of Time, you will be given certain tasks – quests. The tasks may require you to finish levels, find items, complete collections, unlock locations and more.
Your quests are depicted by circle icons on the left side of the world map screen. Tapping an icon will bring up a window with the description of the quest and information on what and where you have to do to complete it. Pressing the “Do it” button will close the window, and, if the quest involves a location, that location will be highlighted on the map.
When a quest requires you to find an item, sometimes you won’t get the required item after the first attempt at completing a level, do not worry – just try again! In some quests, items only have a certain chance of being found, and after a few tries you will get the required item.
After you finish all of the steps required by the quest, you will see a “Quest complete!” window, where the rewards for the quest – gold, experience points, and items – are displayed. Pressing the “Collect reward” or “Close” button in the upper-right corner of the window will finish the quest, and your rewards will be automatically collected.