Upon successfully completing a level, in addition to gold and experience points you may receive items. The items can be given randomly or as a part of a quest. The items that you’ve received are displayed after you finish the level in the “Reward” window just below your score. After you press “Close” and exit to the world map, these items will drop out of the location and will be automatically picked up and added to your inventory. You don’t need to tap them to pick them up.
If an item is an element of a collection, you will be shown a board with the other elements in this collection. Tapping the board will take you directly to the “Collections” screen.
Usually, each item can only be found in specific locations. You can check where an item can be found by going to the “Collections” screen, finding the item, and tapping on it. Additionally, if you tap a locked location, a list of items that can be found in this location will be displayed in the bottom-left corner.