There are some tools that give you additional support on a level:
  • Undo allows you to, well, undo your last move. For example, it can help you if you missed an opportunity to remove a card from the table by opening the next card in the deck. Or, if you have to choose between picking one of two cards that are blocking facedown cards, you will be able to change your choice if the revealed card is not what you need right now. The undo tool is depicted by a wooden button with a light-blue arrow on it. You can find it in the bottom-right corner of the screen, along with a counter of how many undos you have left.
  • The Joker tool puts a joker card on top of the deck, which allows you to pick any available card next. You might want to use it if you see an opportunity for a good sequence on the table, but can’t find a card in the deck that will let you start it. Or if there are several cards of the same value blocking your access to different value cards and you want to deal with this situation more quickly. The joker tool is controlled by a button with a joker icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
You start without these tools, but you will receive them as rewards for completing quests, collections, and other actions in-game. You can also purchase them additionally from the Store, which you can find on the left of the bar at the bottom of the world map screen. If you want to find out how many tools you have, you can check your inventory, which is located to the left of the store.