In addition to normal cards, there are a number of special cards in the game. These cards have distinct appearances and additional properties:
  • Golden cards are required to pass a level. If there are golden cards on the level, you will only successfully complete the level by removing all of the golden cards from the table. Other, normal cards can remain on the table. The number of golden cards remaining is shown in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Joker cards can be picked regardless of what card is on top of the deck. Similarly, if the top card of the deck is a Joker, you can move a card of any value onto it.
  • Sand cards are blocked by small piles of sand. Before picking them, you will have to clear all of the sand piles on the card by picking whirlwind cards. Picking one whirlwind card clears one pile of sand from every sand card on the level.
  • Locked cards cannot be picked until a key card is picked. The key card is hidden somewhere on the level and looks exactly the same as normal cards when it is facedown. When you find a key card, just tap on it and it will unlock all of the locked cards on the level. It doesn’t matter what card you picked before the key card, and picking it does not interrupt your sequence.
  • Frozen cards need to be picked twice. When you pick a frozen card for the first time, the ice melts and the previous card disappears. After that, the ice card behaves just like a normal card.