You start the game from the world map, where you can see an overview of the locations in the game. Each location has a set of levels for you to play. Enter a location by tapping it to get to the level selection screen. The levels at a location are unlocked in sequence, so in order to start a level you will have to complete all the previous levels. You can always return to the levels you’ve already completed and play them again if you want to improve your results or simply enjoy them again.

Once you beat all six levels from the first screen, the next screen containing six levels will become available. You can switch between the screens using the small, blue arrow buttons to the left and right in the middle of the level selection screen. The default screen for the location is the last level you unlocked.

Some locations are locked. Unlock locations by completing quests, obtaining specific items, reaching a specific experience level, or paying a specific amount of gold. You can check the exact requirements for unlocking a location by tapping on it.